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It’s time to talk about “Frozen”

We’re talking about your pipes, not the movie.

As the Midwest is knee-deep in winter, we’re all feeling the effects. Around this time of year, people start to get a little bit of cabin fever, we have to add at least 15 minutes to our daily routine to clothe ourselves with tons of layers before going outside, and our homes seem to struggle to keep warm.

To prepare for the inevitable couple of cold blasts that will hit before spring (maybe even during spring since it’s Indiana), we want to answer some of the questions we get the most during the winter. Mainly, questions like how do you know you have a frozen pipe? How do you locate where the pipe is frozen? How do you shut off your water once a pipe has burst?

How do you know you have a frozen pipe?

I know it may seem straightforward, but some people start getting concerned about frozen pipes as soon as the temperature starts to drop. Temperatures must be at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below before they could start freezing. 1

Tell-tale signs that your pipes could be frozen are if you notice a strange odor coming from your faucets, there is little or no water coming from the faucets, you hear unusual sounds near your water fixtures, or if you notice the drywall is damp. If you can visually see your pipes, you can sometimes identify frost starting to form.

How do you locate where the pipe is frozen?

It can be easy to get overwhelmed once you realize your pipes are probably frozen. After all, there are tons of pipes in your home. How do you know which pipe has given way to the cold? Often, frozen pipes are found in unheated parts of the home like attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Exterior walls and places where water enters the home are also places where pipes frequently freeze.2

If you check these areas, and you still can’t locate your frozen pipe, Commercial Service will be able to help. We even provide 24/7 emergency services for things like frozen pipes.

How do you shut off your water once a pipe has burst?

The surest way to prevent further damage to your frozen pipes is to shut off your water valve. Most main water shut-off valves can be found in the utility room, closet, or basement.

For additional information or to have one of our trained service technicians come out and assess your home, call us today at 812-339-9114.

Remember, the best and most cost-effective way to keep your home in the best shape is through preventative, regular maintenance. Commercial Service offers a Platinum Maintenance Program that allows you to do just that.


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