The plumbing maintenance plan that fits your schedule

Maintaining your plumbing equipment on a regular basis is essential in keeping your home safe and comfortable. Plumbing maintenance is important to ensure optimal pressure performance, to reduce leak-related problems, and to avoid emergency service. It is better to properly inspect and maintain your home’s plumbing than to risk potential water-loss damage, which can be catastrophic to your home and livelihood.

Our Plumbing Maintenance Program offers you the safety and security of work being performed by professional, certified, and licensed plumber. Benefits include: two annual inspections; 10% discount off of any required service repairs WITHOUT overtime rate charges; priority scheduling; and 24/7 live operator service calls. Regular maintenance on all of your plumbing equipment, from water heaters & sump pumps to faucets & spigots, saves homeowners an average of 300% on potential emergency repairs. 

Commercial Service Plumbing Maintenance Program includes:

  • Checking toilets and faucets for leaks
  • Inspecting all exposed hot & cold water piping
  • Checking machine hoses & under sink piping
  • Testing water pressure regulator
  • Inspecting water heater and piping


To learn more about our plumbing maintenance program, schedule an appointment with our easy Online Scheduling or by calling 812-339-9114.