"BJ McKinney did an awesome job diagnosing the best way to fix the problem. The pipes in the basement were in a horrible place and covered up by the air conditioner ducts. BJ suggested the most economical way to fix my problem was to install a union to repair the broken pipe from the top side. This necessitated cutting a hole in the bottom of the cabinet to access the pipe. BJ did this very neatly and the repair looked very good. The repair also involved installing two shut off valves for the hot water pipe that broke and the pipe that went to the dishwasher. From call to done in less than an hour and a half!! Again, I can't say enough positive things about this company and the employee they sent to fix my problem!! BJ McKinney, you made an overall crappy day I was having so much better!!!! Thanks again! You guys will be the first company I always call!!!"

Todd W. - Bloomington, Indiana