Plumbing maintenance may not be at the top of your to-do list, but it can be the one thing that saves hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars, and can give you peace of mind. Regular inspections can ensure that potential problems are solved, and that your system is working in a safe, efficient manner. So, whether you're getting a tune-up on your current plumbing, or you'd like to upgrade your system, our certified plumbing experts will work diligently to guarantee satisfaction with your business's plumbing system.

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Commercial Service is the home to the plumbing products you need

It can be overwhelming when you start to search for a new plumbing system or parts, but at Commercial Service, we can help you figure out what system or parts will best fit your business's budget and needs.

Commercial Service is your go-to provider for the following plumbing products:

  • Water Heaters (tankless, gas, and electric)
  • Water filtration systems
  • Water softeners
  • Sump Pumps
  • Faucets
  • Toilets

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Our certified plumbing experts are here to protect your business

If you're a businessowner, chances are you're aware of the cost of your monthly bills. You can estimate what you'll owe every month for your building's rent, insurance, electric, and other bills. However, you may not be budgeting for an emergency plumbing repair. In fact, you might not budget for regular plumbing maintenance at all. Until you experience an issue, plumbing concerns are probably toward the bottom of your list... and you aren't alone. Commercial Service understands that plumbing isn't the most glamorous part of business, but it's extremely important to properly maintain. So before your leaky faucet or clogged drain turns into a catastrophe, be sure to have our trained technicians inspect and repair your building's plumbing system.

A few common commercial plumbing areas we deal with are listed below. Often times you can complete smaller tasks before having to call our plumbers, but if you aren't comforable carrying them out, use our Online Portal to schedule a repair appointment. If you choose to attempt repairs and notice no change or a worsening of the problem, Commercial Service has 24/7 repairs available.

Commercial Service has the commercial plumbing expertise and special equipment needed for drain and sewer line repair and replacement. We can fix drain and sewer problems such as blockage, leaking joints, roots in sewer pipes, and broken, cracked, offset or collapsed pipes. We can diagnose solutions that address both your business operation and your budget concerns.

Backflow is dangerous because it can allow drinking water in plumbing systems to become contaminated and unusable. It can be a serious health risk because of the contamination of drinking water. For this reason, Commercial Service mandates a series of measures and backflow prevention devices to prevent backflow. Backflow can be prevented in two ways, either through installation of an approved air gap that provides a physical separation between the contaminant and the drinking water supply; or mechanical devices such as a check valve or assemblies that prevent backflow from occurring.

There is nothing worse than a flood in your business caused by a faulty sump pump. With the wet weather we have in southern Indiana your sump pump is vitally important. Broken pipes, heavy rains, and storm drain backups can cause serious problems for your business. A functional sump pump will prevent a flood, preventing loss of man hours and loss of inventory. We provide maintenance, repairs, inspections, and replacement, for all types of commercial sump pumps.

Water jetting inserts a high pressure stream of water into the pipelines to clear waste build up. Water jetting will remove impurities attached to the pipeline walls that a typical rooter cannot do. Grease, sludge, and debris are the root causes of commercial drain line blockage. Restaurants and other food service establishments know how important it is to keep the lines open and free flowing. In addition to the business disruption and unpleasant odor, clogged drains are also hazardous to employees. Commercial Service recommends water jetting frequently to remove buildup and remain clog-free. In high volume food service establishments, water jetting is usually completed every 6-9 months.

Schools, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants all have varied faucets at work generating hundreds if not thousands of gallons per day. We can install or repair all types of commercial faucets for any size business. We will ensure that your faucets operate as intended. We supply and install automatic sensor and hands-free faucets, low flow and water conserving faucets, waste valves, water shut off valves and backflow preventers.

Commercial garbage disposals are often overwhelmed by the amount and type of food fed into them. The disposal is an important component in reducing the chance of clogs in the plumbing system as it chops up food waste before it passes through the drain pipes. Common problems with commercial disposals are leaks, jams, or it has stopped working. While routine commercial garbage disposal maintenance will keep your equipment in the best working condition possible, the fact is that you are going to have to have your system repaired at some point. Commercial Service will repair, replace or install any type of commercial garbage disposal, from light duty to heavy duty models.

As a business owner you know how much of a problem a clogged or improperly working commercial restroom can be. In these common areas there is no predicting what may be clogging the drains. Rubber bands and other hair items, plastic utensils, various bathroom supplies and even toys can find their way (one way or another) into your toilet. We can fix the trip lever, floating ball, flush handle, flapper, bowl refill tube, ball cock, overflow tube, supply tube, or stop valve (an important feature). We have the best and latest models of toilets and urinals for all your commercial business needs.

If you own or operate a restaurant, you know that there’s no time to waste when a grease trap needs repair or perhaps replacement. Grease trap maintenance is a must for sanitary, health and safety reasons. Regular grease trap maintenance can prevent costly down time, and is needed to keep debris from settling and causing blockages and grease trap replacement. We are experts in cleaning and maintaining grease traps. We offer a full suite of solutions, including regularly scheduled maintenance, inside and outside trap cleaning and repair, rodding and jetting.