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Things to consider when it comes to replacing the unsung hero of everyday life

Dishwashers are often unsung heroes of everyday life. When it's your night to do the dishes, the dishwasher rescues your evening. When your to-do list has no room for doing the dishes, it saves the day. The dishwasher just might be the most overworked appliance and is sure to cause unwanted trouble if it is not up to the extra workload. If you have been putting off purchasing a new one, now is the time to splurge on a dishwasher that works efficiently and is good for the environment.

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New dishwashers boast advanced technology

While it might not be breaking news, dishwasher technology has improved dramatically over the last decade. According to Consumer Reports, new Energy Star-certified models include several innovations that reduce energy and water consumption while improving performance. Examples of the improvements include:

  • Soil sensors test how dirty dishes are throughout the wash, and adjust the cycle to achieve optimum cleaning with minimum water and energy use
  • Improved water filtration removes food soils from the wash water, allowing efficient use of detergent and water throughout the cycle
  • The final clean-water rinse assures your dishes come out sparkling
  • Jets use less energy to spray detergent and water over the dishes when cleaning
  • New dishrack designs maximize cleaning by strategically situating the dishes

Specific savings

Saving money

Trim your utility bills with an updated appliance. If you have a dishwasher from 1994, you could be paying up to an extra $35 per year on your bill. Replace your old dishwasher with an Energy Star dishwasher and save enough money to pay for dishwasher detergent all year!1

Saving water

That same dishwasher built in the early ‘90s also wastes more than 10 gallons of water per cycle. An updated dishwasher that has an Energy Star label can save on average 3,870 gallons of water throughout its lifetime.2

Saving the environment

Approximately 65 percent of U.S. electricity is generated by burning coal and natural gas, which releases greenhouse gases and other air pollutants into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change and air quality problems. ENERGY STAR-certified dishwashers use less energy than conventional models, which helps reduce air pollution and combat global climate change. By reducing water consumption, ENERGY STAR dishwashers also help protect our lakes, streams, and oceans.3

Additional factors to keep in mind

This buying guide offers tips to help you choose the best Energy Star dishwasher for your home. Some highlights are choosing the right size of appliance, choosing a device with several wash cycle options, and checking the EnergyGuide label. For more advanced savings tips and tricks like avoiding peak washing hours and the best way to dry dishes, check out this article.

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