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The biggest reason to get a second opinion is not necessarily because you’re seeking a price difference, but to make sure you’re getting the right system or the right advice for your house. There’s been a tremendous change in equipment and efficiency over the last 10 to 15 years. The biggest difference is the people putting it in.

And so when we go into homes that most people look back and they think, “I just put that in.” And, you know, you look at the serial code and it’s 15 years old. And you look at that equipment verses equipment that can be installed today, and you’ll easily see a 30-40-50% energy savings, just from the cooling. And that doesn’t take into consideration the heating efficiency.

That’s where a second opinion can be helpful to a homeowner. To get, you know, another piece of advice from someone that has experience dealing with both situations: where we’ve made a repair on an old system and it’s failed shortly after that; or where we’ve put a whole new system in and the customer comes back to us and says, “Gee, if I‘d have known it would be that quiet or that much more efficient, I would have done this five years ago."

That’s an important piece to keep in mind when you’re getting second opinions, or when you’re collecting information on equipment, or on contractors, or on what you should do for your house. More good advice is going to be better for the homeowner in the end.

Second opinions matter

When an HVAC technician or plumber informs you that you need expensive repairs (or even a new system entirely), you may believe that you’re out of options. That’s when a FREE second opinion from Commercial Service can make you feel better about your decision to purchase.

How do you know when it’s time to seek a second opinion?

Is the repair or replacement quote you've been given going to be a significant investment? Then you may want to consider getting a second opinion!

When discussing your options with any HVAC contractor, always be cautious of:

  • Recommendations to replace or repair equipment that has previously been running without issues
  • Special discounts that are only valid for a single day
  • Pressure to pay for repairs or equipment before they actually begin working on your system
  • Prices that seem too good to be true—low prices may indicate poor quality equipment or lazy service
  • Reluctancy to give you a proper quote for the service required on your system

Have a heating, cooling, or plumbing problem, but no time to wait for a repairman? Need a second opinion on an existing quote?
We’ll give you free advice about your question or problem. In many cases, you’ll get an estimate or the help you need during the video call.

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Second opinions with Commercial Service

When you receive a free second opinion from Commercial Service, our technicians will provide you with the expert guidance you need to make an informed decision about your heating, cooling, or plumbing investment.

The biggest reason to get a second opinion is not necessarily to seek out a price difference, but to ensure you’re getting the right advice for your home. We handpick every piece of equipment to match your home's needs. Discuss your options with Commercial Service by calling 812-339-9114 and get your risk-free second opinion today!


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