Testimonial: Kristi Gibbs

As a Bloomington realtor, Kristi Gibbs knows when Commercial Service has worked on the house she’s showing. The units are top-of-the-line, always taken care of, and well maintained. When she remodeled her home in 2012, she knew the first people to call for the job—Commercial Service.

“I first heard about Commercial Service through Loren Wood Builders. We were remodeling our home about six years ago and they came highly recommended. My experience with Commercial Service is they communicate well; they always come out if we have any issues, and they’re able to get someone out quickly,” she says.

Kristi instantly has peace of mind when she shows homes that have the Commercial Service sticker on their units. This peace of mind is something she finds incredibly valuable; she knows those units are well-maintained and that means satisfied clients for her.

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