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Team Member: Greg Humphrey 

Here at Commercial Service, trust is what we value most. We are committed to building trust with our customers and trust among the people we work alongside every day. We spoke with a member of our team to learn more about what Commercial Service means to him, and how he hopes Commercial Service helps his community, his customers, and his fellow teammates. This month, we are proud to introduce you to Commercial Service’s CFO, Greg Humphrey.

Tell us a little about yourself! How long have you worked at Commercial Service and what was your path here?

I’ve worked here at Commercial Service for 14 years in March. I started working in Chicago for the National Futures Associationfor five years after college. I got my CPA license, then worked at BKD CPAs and Advisors in Evansville and transferred to their Bloomington office and was there for 11 years. Next, I worked at Crider & Crider, Inc. as their CFO for three years before settling in here at Commercial Service.

What are some of the biggest changes you have seen at Commercial Service over the past few years? 

The growth. In 2004, we had roughly 35-40 employees, and now we’re upwards of 85. And the growth isn’t haphazard growth; it’s strategic growth. There has been good focus on employee training and benefits, and we’ve started some specialization in the residential department. I’m seeing the company grow in a lot of respects. 

How are homeowners’ needs changing? 

They are looking for someone they can trust. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about dissatisfaction when it comes to the type of assistance they receive in their homes, and they can’t find someone who can adequately recommend items - not oversell or undersell - but provide guidance based on expertise and care. Commercial Service can fill those needs. I’ve also seen employees become more technical. The HVAC equipment is improving in its efficiency and operations. Employees are becoming highly adaptable, and they are learning skills that are very computer-based.

Do you have any exciting new programs or systems you’ll be rolling out soon? 

It’s a constant upgrade of systems and efficiencies. About six years ago, we added the plumbing division, and it’s been great being able to have that additional service that we can provide to our already existing services. We’re now more of a well-rounded, mechanical firm, and we can take care of our customers on another level. We also added the Platinum Maintenance Program for existing HVAC customers. We were already providing aspects of this program, but we’ve added to that, and it now encompasses plumbing (pipes, fixtures, water heaters, spickets). I think it just adds to the quality of the service. We let people think of the fun stuff like countertops and decor, and we can get in there and look into the stuff they don’t want to. 

What makes Commercial Service different?

The people and the environment. It’s a great local business with local history and customer recognition. Personally, there were a lot of positives when I first joined - I wanted to stay in the community.  I actually went out into the shop before I accepted my job here, and I just got good vibes from them and could tell they liked what they do and cared about the people they were doing it for. 

What is your goal for everyone who interacts with Commercial Service, from a team member to a customer?

To provide an organization where employees enjoy coming to work, enjoy the work that we do, get along well with our internal staff and external customers, and provide a solid product the customers need. I want everyone to enjoy what we do and take care of our customers!

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